The Quiet in the Storm

So, my big exciting adventure as dog-sitter extraordinare continues. By that, I mean I ended up on the couch watching Friends on Netflix with one pup in my lap, one snuggling next to me, and one just a few feet from me. 

Then it started storming. All the cliches apply– it was raining like cats AND dogs out there. I was free to witness the majesty of the storm without having to be afraid of it.

I once heard the fear of God described that way. You see how majestic and powerful He is, yet because of Jesus you are safe to be completely you in His presence. You are even invited to call Him Abba (which is Aramaic for Daddy).

That amazes me to no end. And yet at the same time, it’s something that I take for granted with frightening regularity.

God is both Immanuel and the Imcomprehensible Mystery. He is in me, yet He is Totally Other than me. 

I like to think that the way those dogs felt safe with me during the storm is the way I can feel in God’s presence. No more shame, no more fear. Just trust and peace.

That’s a very good feeling.


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