Dog-Sitting in the ‘Boro II

As I type this, ol’ Remy is in the corner of the bedroom, snoring like a grown man with serious sinus issues. And she is not even caring.

I did absolutely nothing today and it was great. I felt like the main guy from the movie Office Space whose goal in life was to be able to get to the point where he could spend his days doing nothing. While that is not my life’s ambition, it was nice for a day.

Slow days are good for you.

For one, no one is designed to go 24/7 constantly without some down time. God meant for us to have margins in our lives, which is one of the main reasons He set up the Sabbath.

Remy sure knows about rest. She gets a lot of it. When you get to be an old dog like her , you’ve earned it.

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