More Music for Under $1

Tonight, I popped in a CD that I picked up from McKay’s for 95 cents. The CD was An English Ladymass by Anonymous 4. I’ll give you what the CD cover gave me– it reads on the front “medieval chant and polyphony” and on the back it states “13th and 14th century chant and polyphony in honor of the Virgin Mary.”

I’m not exactly sure what polyphony is, but it sounds nice. The whole thing sounds nice. It’s very relaxing,detoxifying, destressing music after dealing with the madness of 5 o’clock traffic.

Plus, it’s the perfect antidote to the monotony of much of what gets played on the radio, especially in top-40 formats.

The best part about having musical tastes that are outside the norm is finding bargains all over the place, especially if you know where to look.

In the life of faith, the best parts often will come from unexpected places at unexpected times and won’t be the parts you were anticipating the most. The best people will be the ones who you never would have thought would be in your life, but hey, there they are.

Life is good and God is great, as a friend of mine says all the time. My life has a soundtrack that I’m adding to all the time. That makes it even better.



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