Journeying Homeward

As Mike Glenn put it, Abraham was the world’s oldest teenager when he finally left home at the ripe old age of 75. He set out for a place he’d never heard of, away from everything he’d ever known, and he and his wife set out into a journey towards God’s promises that would last them both the rest of their lives.

Abraham never got to see the ultimate fulfillment of the promises God made to him. He never got to see the great nation God promised to make from his seed. He never got to see the Promise Land in the hands of the people of God.

Still, he went, believing and trusting that God was as good as His word.

That gives me hope. That should give all of us hope.

We’re all journeying toward a destination. We all have hopes and dreams that we strive toward. Sometimes it seems like they fall into our laps. Sometimes, it seems like we will never get to the place we’re so desperately seeking.

I think ultimately the reward Abraham got in all his travelling was God Himself. The journey itself became the destination as Abraham found God all along the way.

That’s where we find God– on the road. We may or may not see what we longed for come to pass, but we will find that God has been– and will continue to be– a constant companion for our travels.

God isn’t merely the rewarded at the end of the journey. He’s the reward along the way.

That’s what I’ve been learning. If you have God and nothing else, you have everything you need. If you have everything else and not God, you end up having nothing at all.

God won’t leave you high and dry. He will finish what He started in you and get you where to the place He had in mind for you when He made you. He will be faithful to be the true fulfillment of all your heart desires.



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