Good Ol’ Billy

Where was I at 10 pm on this beautiful Saturday night? 

Was I trekking through my favorite spots in Franklin? No.

Was I at a concert? No.

Was I riding around late at night with the windows rolled down and good music blasting? No.

Where, you ask, was I?

I was hanging out with those three doggy friends of mine, watching a Billy Graham crusade from 1975.

Just about everything from that broadcast seemed dated– except for the message.

Billy Graham opened his message by saying that being rich isn’t about how much you have but about what you can live without.

Billy spoke about the three things none of us can do without if we want to go to heaven.

1) Without the shedding of blood, there’s no forgiveness of sins.

2) Without faith, it is impossible to please God.

3) Without Me (Jesus), you can do nothing.

He talked about how one way of defining faith is to recline fully on or to put all your weight on Jesus. It’s Jesus plus absolutely nothing else.

It almost made me want to find a brown plaid suit and bust out some 70’s music. 

It did make me more thankful for the legacy of men like Billy Graham who were faithful to proclaim the same saving message whether it was in season or not, cool and trendy or not, popular or not.

It’s the message that still saves today.


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