Something Good

It was hot today. I mean “90+ degrees with ridiculous humidity” kind of hot. The air was so thick with humidity I felt like I was wading through it rather than walking in it.

I will certainly appreciate the cooler autumn temperatures all the more when they arrive (hopefully early this year) because of all the sweat-inducing hotness of late.

I’m learning that not every day will be epic. There are days when I won’t feel like I’m living the dream but stuck in a bad sitcom or (even worse) a hidden camera reality series. 

Those days will help me appreciate the truly good days more. Even better, there will be good to be found even in those horrible, no-good, very bad days, like treasures hidden in a field.

God will always be good and He will always be present in every day. Some days I may not feel His presence. So e days I may not can find it. But it will always be there. He will always be there.

So the key is being thankful for the good you find and understanding that the rest is transitory and a preparation for a future you can’t see just yet.

So it was a good day today.


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