Thank You!

“Thank you! Everything in me says ‘Thank you!’
    Angels listen as I sing my thanks.
I kneel in worship facing your holy temple
    and say it again: ‘Thank you!’
Thank you for your love,
    thank you for your faithfulness;
Most holy is your name,
    most holy is your Word.
The moment I called out, you stepped in;
    you made my life large with strength” (Psalm 138:1-3).

Gratitude is still the word of the day.

It’s easy to be grateful and full of thanksgiving when you get everything you’re after. When your skies are sunny and your wallet is fat and your life is easy and comfortable.

It’s not so easy when you’re looking at an endless procession of grey skies filled with lightening and thunder. When you’re looking at a fat stack of bills you can’t pay and your wallet is looking pitifully thin.

Give thanks anyway.

Not because it’s some kind of magic password that will unlock untold riches and happiness into your life.

Give thanks because God deserves it.

If He never did one more thing for you than to save your soul, that’s more than enough reason to spend the rest of your days in praise and thanksgiving.

And besides, what better gift is there than being alive with God on your side?

One of my favorite authors, Ann Voskamp, says that gratitude changes how you see the world. When you give thanks, you see God more in the details. You see God at work in and around you.

She says that eucharisteo (thanksgiving with joy) releases the miracle.

Again, that doesn’t mean your bank account statement will have a few extra zeros at the end. It doesn’t necessarily mean that a sleek new Ferrari will show up in your driveway.

What it does mean is that you see that life itself is the miracle and the present where God is present is the best place to be.




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