More Summertime Nostalgia


I went to a job fair today in the Nashville Public Library branch in Antioch. As it turns out, this library is located right next to the old Hickory Hollow Mall, now known as the Global Mall at the Crossings.

Back in the day, I used to spend summers in Middle Tennessee with the fam and at least once or twice during every summer, my Mom, my sister, and I would make the pilgrimage to this mall.

I took some time after I was done checking out the very underwhelming job fair to walk around the mall.

It was sad. There are so few stores open that it’s almost like a ghost mall. Still, as I walked, it was like the smell of the mall brought back so many memories for me. I don’t know if this certifies me as mental, but for me there is a special mall odor.

I remember I always had to check out Zondervan Christian Bookstore. I had to investigate the latest musical releases at the record stores. And the mecca of any good mall is always the food court, and I did spend some quality time there.

I remember hoping I would see the members of the Christian group dc Talk waking around the mall, like all they did when they weren’t recording or performing was hang out together in malls.

I remember losing track of time more than once and dear old mom having to hunt me down because I got sidetracked by a book or a CD or possibly the pet stores they used to have at malls.

I used to think how neat it would be to be locked in a mall overnight. In my version of reality, all the stores would be open (especially the toy stores, book stores, and music stores) and I could go from store to store until I finally crashed in one of those stores that sold mattresses.

Then I saw the movie where zombies overran the mall and I got over that fantasy. But I still look back with fondness over this particular mall.

Ah, those were good days.


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