Notes from Ave South

“This is the kind of life you’ve been invited into, the kind of life Christ lived. He suffered everything that came his way so you would know that it could be done, and also know how to do it, step-by-step.

He never did one thing wrong,
Not once said anything amiss.

They called him every name in the book and he said nothing back. He suffered in silence, content to let God set things right. He used his servant body to carry our sins to the Cross so we could be rid of sin, free to live the right way. His wounds became your healing. You were lost sheep with no idea who you were or where you were going. Now you’re named and kept for good by the Shepherd of your souls” (1 Peter 2:21:25).

It’s easy to want to fire back at the person who insults or defames you. It’s easy to want to strike back at the person who questions your integrity or defaces your character.

But that’s not the way Jesus responded. That’s not the way Jesus calls His followers to respond.

Jesus let God defend Him. Even in the midst of a trial in which everything about Him was questioned, He kept silent. His mission in this world was not to be proved right, but to be faithful. And there’s a big difference.

I love what Pastor Aaron said. Even on the cross, Jesus’ words “Into Your Hands I commit My spirit” indicate that Jesus entrusted even His own death to God to make it right.

I personally find it very easy to get defensive when someone criticizes me. It’s very easy to return the favor when someone insults you or makes fun of you. Or for me, it’s easy to think of all the mean things I want to say but never actually say to that person.

Jesus never said that being one of His followers would be easy. In fact, sometimes it goes against everything that human nature naturally gravitates toward. He did say that in the end, no matter how much it costs or how much it hurts, it will have been worth it. More than worth it.

Our job is not to be right. Our job isn’t to defend our honor. Our job is to love God and to love people and let God take care of the rest. And trust me, God can defend you a lot better than you can.

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