Getting My Mac On: It Starts For Real


There’s a meme floating around on the interwebs of a cat reaching out its paw toward a cheeseburger. The caption reads, “I need dis.”

Well, I received an email today from Apple about their new MacBook and my responds was the same. I do need dis.

The only problem? I’m currently $1,287 short (plus whatever the tax will be). va

So here’s the goal. By this time in 2016, I will have my very own 2015 MacBook. You heard it here first. Now you can hold me to it.

Here’s the webpage where I started drooling. You can take a gander if you like, but be warned. It might warm your geeky little heart to the point where you too must have one.

Did I mention that it weighs 2 pounds? 2 pounds, people!

So, starting now, I will take out a part of my biweekly salary and set it aside toward this glorious machine, plus whatever loose change I find underneath the sofa cushions.

Now if you will excuse me, I must leave and visualize me typing one of  these blogs on that blessed MacBook which will one day be mine. I think I just got 5% hipper by thinking about it.





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