One of My First Bibles

This will be a short post, because it’s late and I’m officially pooped.

I helped out with looking after the kids of women who were taking a class through Christian Women’s Job Corp tonight. Basically, I’m the one who showed up late with lots of pizza. I suddenly became extremely popular when I walked through the door with those eight boxes full of Little Caeser’s pepperoni and cheese pizza.

While I was there, I found an old Bible that reminded me of one I used to have when I was a wee little tyke, except mine had a very handy zipper. I remember that in my very first Bible the pastor wrote, “This book will keep you from sin, or sin will keep you from this book.”

I’m pretty sure mine was an old-school KJV. I’m also fairly certain most of the 16th century English went right over my head.

Now they have the Jesus Storybook Bible and yes, I’m a bit jealous. That seems so much more accessible for a kid to understand. Sure, when they get older, you want them to have a full-blown, 66-book Bible, but this seems like a great way to get children into the metanarrative of the Bible story.

By the way, I’ve already decided that I will be reading through the Bible in 2016 in the Holman Christian Standard Bible (the 2004 version, not the most recently updated version).



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