The Interwebs

Technology is wonderful. It makes life so much easier. I just love me some technology . . . until it stops working. Then I want to say some very non-Baptist words.

My wi-fi isn’t working and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to make it do right. I’ve tried all the magic words I know, including “pretty please,” and every possible combination of plugging those dratted cables in. I have come to face the reality that I may not be tech-illiterate, but I am close.

Funny. I don’t remember praying for patience this morning but got mine tested anyway. Still, I have to remind myself that I woke up this morning, I could get out of bed, I had a roof over my head and clothes to wear and food to eat . . . I have everything I need.

God sometimes allows these little wi-fi malfunctions to remind me that there is life outside the internet. In fact, Jesus came to give me the abundant life that isn’t found on a website but in a holy book.

And yet I still somehow manage to complain.

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