Music of the Night

I had Three Dog Night playing in the car today and was immediately transported back to my days as part of the puppet ministry under Darlene Buckner at Ridgeway Baptist Church.

I’n fuzzy on the time frame, but I think it was either junior high or high school. I remember Mrs. Buckner had quite the collection of old records (before those became hip and trendy again). 

Music does that for me. A certain song at the right moment can trigger long buried memories like nothing else. I can recall instantly what I was thinking and feeling when I first heard the song.

Maybe that’s why music is such a part of faith. Music reminds us in a way that nothing else can about God’s faithfulness and fidelity to us. It reinforces God’s promises to us and helps us recall past victories in the midst of current battles.

Both hymns and modern worship music can do that. I’m all for traditional AND contemporary IF both stay scriptural and spirit-filled. On a side note, if you truly worship God in spirit and in truth, it won’t matter if it’s a piano and an organ, a 100-piece orchestra and full choir, or a rock band with amps turned up to 11. It will be true worship.

So, I like music because I’m forgetful and it helps remind me why I’m alive and what I’n living for. Plus, it has such a groovy beat. 


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