You Have No Idea

If you’re like me, you will sometimes smile and even wave and say hello to a total stranger. I suppose that it’s a a Southern thing, or maybe it’s just a Me thing. Sometimes the person smiles back. Sometimes they look at me like I’m from Mars.

But you never know that maybe someone needed your smile. Perhaps that person felt invisible and unwanted and you just validated their whole existence.

It could be that the person you waved at was having a really crappy day where everyone was rude to them and you just made their day.

You have no idea of the power of a small gesture like saying hello to someone. You’re saying in essence, “I see you. I am a witness to your life in all its beauty and ugliness, joy and pain. You will not go unnoticed, because I have noticed you. You matter to me.”

I heard someone say that some people can never believe in God’s love for them until they see your love for them not just spoken but lived out in flesh and blood reality. They will never believe that they are lovable until someone proves them wrong by loving them.

I’m not suggesting that you start intimate conversation with total strangers or walk up to people and declare your undying love for them. That would probably creep them out.

Just treat them like you want to be treated. A smile and a nod and a polite greeting is all it takes to change the world for one person. And when you change that one person’s world, you change the world.


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