That Thief on the Cross 

I bet that thief on the cross next to Jesus had one heck of a mid-life crisis as he hung from those three nails. 

He probably thought, “I’m about to die, and I have nothing to show for it. My life is nothing but one long series of mistakes and poor choices. Truly everybody will be better off without me.”

Ring a bell?

Does your life seem wasted? Do you feel that nothing you do makes any difference? Do you have the feeling that if you were gone tomorrow no one would even notice?

Look back at that thief hanging next to Jesus. He didn’t get much right. In fact, he may only have made one right decision in his entire life, but he got the one right that really mattered in the end.

“Lord, remember me when you come into Your Kingdom.”

He chose to be with Jesus, even if he thought it would only be for the next few breaths. He looked over and saw something that he couldn’t define or understand but something he was prepared to give up everything for and follow with what little time he had left.

In the end, he won. He’s just as much a part of the legacy of the Kingdom of Heaven as anyone else who made it in. Not because of a lifetime of service or faithfulness but because He chose Jesus.

His legacy isn’t in who he was or what he did, but in Whose he was. And that’s the best kind of legacy to leave.


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