Old School (Before Redbox)


I found this little piece of history while I was rooting through one of my junk drawers. Just seeing that plastic square card automatically sends all kinds of memories flooding into my mind.

I remember plenty of Friday nights spent at the local Blockbuster store, looking for anything that might be halfway decent to watch. Of course, all the good new releases would have been long since checked out and all that would be left were the older movies in the middle of the store.

I always am reminded of the friendly “Be kind– Rewind” signs on all the VHS tapes. I’m 98% sure I always followed this rule and dutifully rewound each movie after watching it.

I always think of the time when I rented Home Alone and somehow managed to lose it without ever having watched it. I had to buy the movie to keep in the good  graces of the good folks at Blockbuster.

I got nostalgic looking at my rental card. Sure, I love Netflix and Redbox, but it’s just not the same. At least not to me. Part of the fun was the adventure in wading through a whole store and coming away with the perfect rental, plus some Milk Duds to enhance the home viewing experience. 

I built my movie collection from the previously viewed movies for sale at very reasonable prices and will always be thankful to Blockbuster for making my growing up years so memorable.


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