Snoring Dogs

I’m taking care of Millie, a 15-year old PBGV (for those like me who aren’t dog breed experts, that stands for Petit Basset Griffon Vendeed). She has a lot of energy for an elderly canine and likes to be petted. A lot.

She’s a very happy dog and very easy to take care of. The only downside is that she snores like a grown man and sometimes keeps me awake at night. She can be fully alert and awake one moment and completely asleep and snoring away the next. It cracks me up.

Oh, and sometimes it’s like she’s trying to tell me something, only I don’t speak dog-ese. I wonder if she ever gets frustrated with me when I don’t get what she’s trying to communicate.

I’m thankful that God is far more patient with me than I am with dogs. Or cats. Or people. He is infinitely patient in the truest sense.

Sometimes I need that kind of patience when I just don’t get it. Or when I do get it but just don’t want to obey.

God is good like that. And I’m grateful for that.


3 thoughts on “Snoring Dogs

  1. Oh yes, Millie can snore. She can be awake 1 minute and totally snoring the next minute. BTW…Millie sends her love and thanks for taking such great care of her!

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