More About Community

It’s funny the way it works sometimes that we’re often blinded to our own strengths and abilities. Oh, we can certainly recognize our faults and weaknesses, but so many of us are often hard-pressed to name things we’re good at.

That’s where community comes in. The people around you who know you best can see you better than you can see yourself. They will be the ones to notice a pattern of behavior in you that showcases a hidden talent or gift you didn’t know you had.

I saw a very good example in a video I watched today in my community group. A man was asking an older lady what her strengths were. Somebody behind her yelled, “She can cook like nobody’s business.”

She probably did that without thinking too much about it and without realizing it was one of her strengths, and it took someone else to call it out of her. Left by herself, she never would have thought that cooking was her gift.

Who are you empowering by helping them see their gifts and talents? Who are you encouraging to develop those said gifts and talents? Maybe there’s a DaVinci or a Rembrandt or a Mozart out there, waiting for someone to call out their special talents. Maybe it’s the next Billy Graham or Mother Teresa. And maybe you’re the one to call out that gift in them.


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