YEC 2015 in Review

This was my fourth year to volunteer for the Youth Evangelism Conference, sponsored by the Tenessee Baptist Comvention. That means those freshmen from when I first volunteered are now seniors. Yikes. That puts it into a little more perspective.

Friday night, the main speaker gave an altar call and over 1,000 students went forward to profess Jesus as Lord and Savior. As always, it gave me serious goose chills to see the sides of the stage filling up with teenagers giving their lives to Christ.

As usual, I went away refreshed (though at the same time in need of a serious nap after less than five hours of sleep. 

One day, some of those students will come back as volunteers, like I did. That blows my mind. They will have come full circle and seen the event from both sides and also gained new perspective. Maybe some of those students will one day be youth leaders, pastors, evangelists, missionaries, and– quite possibly– martyrs for the cause of Christ.

One lingering question remains: what will happen when these students climb down from their proverbial mountain-top experience to face the daily grind of every day life? It’s easy to make promises and commitments in the midst of all the hype, but what happens when that hype gets replaced by the humdrum of school and tests and chores and normality? I’m praying this fire won’t die any time soon.

I hope to be back next year and see again what God does through the obedience of His people and their faithfulness in the smallest details. I know I had a blast.


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