It’s After Midnight

I’m pooped. Period.

I just got home from volunteering at the Tennessee Baptist Convention’s Youth Evangelism Conference (and will be driving back there at 6:30 am tomorrow morning). It was fantastic as usual, but I am spent. My mental level is currently at the “fire bad, tree pretty” stage.

I do remember to things the main speaker said.

1) You can’t out-sin the love of God. No matter how low you’ve fallen, that “reckless raging fury that they call the love of God” can reach lower still.

2) Whenever anyone invites God in through the door of Jesus, He will always enter in. He will always say yes. He won’t say “Get your house in order” or “Get your life together first.” He simply enters in.

As many years as it’s been since I qualified as a teenager, I still needed that reminder. I’m fairly certain all of us do from time to time.

The end.


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