Bye, Bye Radio Shack


I had a bit of a surprise at the mall yesterday. I made the usual rounds of my favorite stores (at least the ones that are still left): the Apple Store, Starbucks, Best Buy Mobile. I was going to peruse the offerings at Radio Shack when I got a shock: there was no more Radio Shack, only a vacant store with the Radio Shack logo still attached but glowing futilely.

I’ve read that Radio Shack in all likelihood will be going away soon. That makes me sad.

Nothing satisfied my inner nerd kid more than browsing through all the gadgets in Radio Shack, from flashlights to portable radios to all sorts of adapters and batteries for all those amazing gadgets. I remember I got a 3-in-1 do-it-yourself kit that allowed me to build a short-wave radio.

I hadn’t bought anything from Radio Shack in a long time, but the idea that it was still around was comforting to me. Like a bit of my childhood still existed and I could relive a bit of the old glory days if I wanted to.

But Radio Shack is no more. It has ceased to be, like that parrot from the Monty Python skit.

So they’ve taken away most of my favorite places now. There are no more music stores, no more bookstores, and now no Radio Shack. And as much as I love Amazon, I have a feeling that they, along with all the Wal-Marts in the world are partly to blame for the demise of Radio Shack. Darn you, Wal-Mart and all your amazing discounts and low, low prices.

C’est la vie. It is what it is. Businesses come and businesses go. A new store will move in to the spot vacated by Radio Shack and probably sell upscale children’s clothing or vegan-friendly sandals. At least I still have my Starbucks.



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