As much fun as surprise parties are, they can be quite taxing. I don’t necessarily mean the physical work that goes into one, but the task of keeping it a secret and constantly worrying that someone will slip up and accidentally reveal the top secret info to the wrong people.

It’s hard to come up continually with creative explanations for what you’re doing so as not to spoil the surprise.

The party in question was a surprise celebration of my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. That’s a big deal in an age when more marriages fail than succeed.

As the guests arrived, it was almost like watching an episode of This Is Your Life, where they bring out all sorts of people from your past. In this case, these were all the people that made my growing up so much fun and memorable.

As for my folks, they have shown me a legacy of love that doesn’t always look romantic between two imperfect people who mess up and make mistakes but choose to keep on loving each other in spite of it all. Or maybe because of it all.

I am truly blessed (and my sister would concur) to have such godly, wonderful parents and to get to celebrate this wonderful milestone with them. But no more surprise parties for a while, please.

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