Three Gifts on a Saturday

I remembered again the remedy for when you feel overwhelmed and hopeless: count three blessings for which you’re thankful for 21 days.

It’s easy to feel trapped in despair and to think that your life will never get better. Thanksgiving reminds you that what God has done in the past is what He will do in your future because the same God is in both places.

As one who had been there, done that, I can tell you it’s much better to focus on what you have instead of bemoaning what you lack. Gratitude doesn’t mean your troubles instantly vanish, but gratitude makes what you have enough (as Ann Voskamp put it so well) and it unlocks the door for real joy to come in.

So here’s my list of three:

1) The yummy fish and chips from McCreary’s Irish Pub that if I ate every day I probably wouldn’t be able to fit through the door to get out of the house in the morning. But they is tasty.

2) Winter nights that have that brisk chill in the air yet where I still have feeling in my extremities.

3) Knowing that my best days are yet to come because God said so.

I recommend you write your own list of three blessings. Or you can steal mine. Just remember there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for in every circumstance, even if that is being alive and being able to breathe on your own.

So give thanks.


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