Repeating Myself

Some nights, you don’t have the strength to pray. You can only breathe in and breathe out and believe that God’s Holy Spirit can translate those groans and sighs too deep for words into a hymn.

Some nights, you find yourself repeating a simple prayer like a mantra: Abba Father, I belong to you. You had a long list of requests, but you can’t seem to get past “Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief.”

Even on those nights when your mind races and your thoughts won’t settle down, God hears you. He hears the longing and the unspoken desires of your heart. He knows what you need.

Trust that the same God who met you where you were and loved you just as you were still loves you. Trust that this God who paid everything to save you will stop at nothing to make you everything He created you to be. Trust that He will indeed work everything in your life for ultimate good– both yours and His.

Then exhale slowly and know that you are deeply and lastingly loved.


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