Radnor Lake in January?

I couldn’t believe it when I stepped outside. It felt like early October (or late March, depending on your viewpoint). In other words, it did NOT feel like January.

Instead of meeting my friend and accountability partner at the normal location, we met at Radnor Lake State Park and went hiking.

More accurately, we met at the park, waited 40 minutes to find parking spots, THEN went hiking. Apparently, half of Nashville decided to take advantage of the 65 degree weather and go to Radnor. At the same time.

The wait was worth it. We counted several squirrels and turkeys snd at least eight deer. Or maybe we saw the same two deer in four different places. It could go either way.

I’ve heard the term “God-wink” used to describe a totally unexpected albeit small blessing. Today was one of those.

It was a small reminder that if God can show up in the small and seemingly trivial details, then He can surely show up in the big moments and dark places of my life.

I know I’m not the only one who needed this reminder on this Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Day.


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