Blue Light Special

I had a random memory recently. For some odd reason, I purchased a blue light bulb as a Union University

college student. I remember I installed it in place of my regular white bulb.

I used to lay in my bed (or is it lie in my bed?) under the blue light and feel completely relaxed. I don’t know what it is about blue light, but it is very calming. At least to me.

I truly think that on tactic the devil uses on believers is to get them in a state of perpetual “busy”ness, where there is no time to rest or relax or recharge. After all, exhausted Christians are the most prone to temptation.

There’s a reason God instituted the Sabbath. He knew we needed a day off. We need downtime.

Sometimes, even taking a nap can be a spiritual act of worship. Or maybe just going alone to a quiet place to meditate and think. Sometimes, even going on a nature hike can be where God speaks to you.

So to summarize, 1) take one day off a week, 2) take naps, 3) go hiking periodically. And on that note, it’s time for my nightly nap.


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