My 2015 Resolutions As of January 1, 2015

Note: these are still a work in progress, so they are subject to change. Most likely, I will think of something I left out and add it at a later date, hopefully before 2016.

Here are my resolutions for the new year (already in progress):

1) Lose 30 pounds. I figure that’s roughly 2.5 pounds per month. That’s doable, I think.

2) Read through the Bible again this year.

3) Wear my 30 X 30 jeans again (this won’t happen unless I accomplish goal #1)

4) Be working in a full-time permanent job by the end of the year.

5) Be better at giving other people the benefit of the doubt and giving grace both to others and to myself.

6) Do something spontaneous every day of 2015.

7) Do 5 things I’ve never done before (I’ll have to figure out what those are first).

8) Continue to be awesome.

9) Get back into jogging/running/fast walking/treadmilling/some other form of regular exercise.

I think that covers it for now. If I think of anything else, I’ll add it and note that I added it so I will remember that I added it. Comprende?



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