December the 25th

It is that day. Christmas has arrived.

When I was younger, I always felt a letdown on this day. After all the buildup and hype for over a month, it always seemed to be over too soon. December 26 was never a day I looked forward to at all.

But the more I’ve started to really grasp that Christmas isn’t about presents or food, I’ve really seen my attitude about this day change dramatically.

For me, Christmas may be one day out of the year, but the truth it contains is good for all 365 days of the year. And 366 for those crazy leap years,

The truth is that Immanuel still means that God is with us on December 26 just as much as it did the day before. That baby in the manger grew up to be the Savior of the world for all the seasons, not just the Christmas season.

While I do like seeing the decorations everywhere and having that special feeling around this time of year, I know that God will still be just as much with me three months from now as He is right now.

And when those good feelings fade, as they always do, I know the truth will remain. That peace on earth to those with whom God is pleased is there regardless of whether I feel it or not.

Plus, if you want to get technical about it, Christmas doesn’t officially end until January 6. You do remember all those verses to that Twelve Days of Christmas song, right? So you can leave your tree up for at least another two weeks if you want.

I personally think that if you want to keep on watching those sappy Hallmark Christmas movies well into the new year, go ahead. If you want to dust off White Christmas and watch it in July, then be my guest.

Christmas may only last 24 hours but Immanuel is forever with us.



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