Christmas is for All the Creepy Rob Lowes


I admit it. I love all those Rob Lowe commercials for Directv. The painfully awkward, crazy hairy, creepy, and less attractive Rob Lowes are all hysterically funny (at least to me).

But I also admit that I have at times been some of these. Thankfully not the crazy hairy version with the arm hair curtains. But I have been the painfully awkward Rob Lowe before. Probably you have, too.

The good news is that Christmas is for all of the Rob Lowes out there. It’s for all of us. Even those with the arm hair curtains.

When you end up looking like an idiot in front of your friends or (egads) in front of that someone you’re interested in, then rejoice and be glad that Christmas is for you. Even those of you with cable TV.

Jesus didn’t come for the well-off and popular as much as He came for the poor and downtrodden and outcasts. Those who feel more at home on the Island of Misfit Toys than a Fantasy Island. He came for those who can never seem to get their act together or say the right things. He came for you and for me. He came not for those who could help themselves but for all those who know they can’t.

Maybe the next ad will feature a fashion impaired Rob Lowe. I’d like that.





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