Only 11 Days Left Until Christmas

That’s right, people. There are only 11 more days until Christmas Eve. Have you bought all your presents? Have you left anyone off your list? Will those packages from get there on time if you order them tomorrow?

There are so many questions. So many reasons to fret and worry and panic. But only one thing truly matters.

In 11 Days, we celebrate the most important arrival in history. Which also happens to be the least conspicuous arrival in history.

Who knew then that a baby born to a peasant couple in backwoods Bethlehem would end up being the Savior of the world? Would anyone have guessed that the baby laying in a feeding trough in the middle of a barn was the Messiah?

That is what Advent and Christmas are all about. Not gifts, not food, not even family. Christmas is about Emmanuel– God with us. God for us. God in us.

I hope that removes the stress of trying to buy the perfect gift or create the perfect Christmas Eve dinner. All that we really need to worry about has been taken care of by this baby in a manger who grew up to be the man on the cross who later became the Man who walked out of the tomb after 3 days.

That is what Christmas is really all about, Charlie Brown.


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