Great North Star But I’m Tired (Again)

I’m tired. All I want to do (after writing this masterpiece of a blog, of course) is to go to bed. And sleep until Sunday. Or at least past 6 am.

I fantasize about sleeping. Porn for me right now is a picture of a Sealy Serta mattress with flannel sheets and NO alarm clocks in sight. That’s sad.

Sometimes, I’ve been so tired that I literally couldn’t sleep. That seems ridiculous when you’re wide awake, but the more tired you get, the more you realize how true that is.

I love the verse that says how God never slumbers nor sleeps nor tires in watching over His children. When I get too tired to carry on, He carries me. When I shut down for 5-8 hours a night, God never does. There’s never a moment when God isn’t thinking about me and acting on my behalf, doing what’s best for me.

The same goes for you. It still boggles my mind that God can give attention to all His children and treat each one as if he or she were the only created being. He can love all of us and yet still love each of us as if we were the only one to love.

I still wish I could be like my cat sometimes. She never ever has any trouble falling asleep any time in any place at any time, even after having slept through most of the day. Lucky Lucy.


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