Lessons Learned from a Life covered by the grace of God, Part 1


I have learned a few thing in my time that I want to pass on:

1) Never try to figure out anything, especially people, when you are tired. I personally tend to drift toward the negative when I am exhausted and am not really good at being balanced or fair to others when I am worn out.

2) When you are inclined to judge someone’s actions, remember that there is at least one factor that you don’t know about that person that if you knew, would cast a totally different light on their actions. Also, remember that in the same circumstances you might do the same or worse. Which leads to the next point.

3) If you err, err on the side of grace. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Of course, use common sense and don’t be a doormat, but think of what you would be apart from the grace of God and then you realize that you have no place to give up on or despair of anyone (I totally stole that one from Oswald Chambers!)

4) Remind yourself that in life and the big picture, it never was, is not and will never be about you. It always was, is and always will be about God and His redemptive plan for the world. His will for you is always in context of His plan for the world.

5) Never go by first impressions, regardless of what the world tells you. Some of the best people I know who have impacted me were the ones whose first impression was unfavorable. I think you sometimes have to step out of what is comfortable and familiar if you want to find God’s secret blessings and surprises.

6) What is important in life, what I want you to remember, is not me or how well I write or how clever I am. You can forget all about me and if you remember that God loves you, that God is in love with you, and that God can take the worthless and transform it into something priceless, then I am OK with that. As one person said, I’m just a nobody trying to tell everybody about Somebody that can save anybody. That’s all I am, regardless of what my ego tells me.

What are some lessons you have learned? Share them with me, because I am always learning and God always has something to show me. Plus, we only grow and mature in the faith in community. You can never discover God’s will for your life by yourself, but only with other believers as you share yourself and your gifts to serve one another in love.

That’s all for now. More later.

As always, I believe. Help my unbelief.

3 thoughts on “Lessons Learned from a Life covered by the grace of God, Part 1

  1. “His will for you is always in context of His plan for the world.”

    I really like this. Sometimes we forget – especially when we’re caught up in enjoying God’s favor. He gives us opportunities and blessings so we can carry out His plan, so we can’t forget about Him just because we’re preoccupied with emotions.

    Not that I’m preoccupied with emotions or anything…oops, that reminds me…maybe I need to get back to work on my pride issues, too.

  2. Really good reminders!!
    I’ve learned when God say wait,he means wait.Not to run ahead of him to try and fix things or situations,we only cause a bigger mess.
    I’ve learned to trust in God more,because of the different trials God has brought me through.
    I’ve learned that we do have more peace when we keep our focus on him.
    And as you mentioned there are 2 sides to every story,don’t jump to conclusions.
    I’ve learned that we really do learn from one another.
    I’ve learned that God’s love will never change,and I’m so glad of that!!!!
    I’m learning to be a better listener.
    God is so good and truly we should show more mercy & grace to others.

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