My contribution to the dating world (mostly said in jest)


I have figured out my place in the dating universe. Here’s how it goes. A girl meets me and talks with me and goes away, disturbed. And probably throws up a little in her mouth. The next guy she meets will seem so much more attractive and wonderful, because the contrast is so much greater.

So, guys, the secret is to find me talking to a girl and to be the very next person she talks to. That way, you will look way better than you actually are. Of course, if you want a lasting relationship, you will have to do actual work and improve your self and stuff.

Girls, fret not. The next guy after me will be better. You must, of course, take into account that he will not be quite as dazzling as he seems at first, but you can mold him into your ideal mate.

So, I am sort of like that generic no-name brand. Some other name-brand product will come along and claim to be so much better than me and have twice the stain-removing power and leave your breath twice as fresh and make your life twice as comfortable and predictable. I will continue to be me. That is all.


3 thoughts on “My contribution to the dating world (mostly said in jest)

  1. I hope you are jesting. Funny, brother, but not true. If God has marriage in your future, you just haven’t met the right one.

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